Franks Fire believe in inspecting all fire sprinkler systems and components accordingly to NFPA Standards and local authorities.

 We perform quaterly, semi-annual, annual, 3 years and 5 years inspection.

 We perform inspection on fire sprinkler systems, fire backflows, fire pumps, standpipe, pre-action systems and much more......

Broken fire pump-before Franks Fire 

Repaired it. 

            Aircraft simulator sprinkler system installation 

Fire pump-after Franks Fire repaired it. 


  Replace corrode piping

   Install new standpipe

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  Repair CPVC piping

Repair fire backflow leakage

        Fire sprinkler underground installation


Fire department connection


Franks Fire furnish quality service to our customers in the layout , fabrication, repair on fire sprinkler systems, combination of standpipe and fire risers, fire pump, fire  backflows and all piping that is part of the system. 

We provide quick service and afforable prices on emergencies service call to our customers because we understand their needs.             


  Install new head

We replace painted head


Annual fire pump inspection

​​Franks Fire Protection has many years of experience in the fire sprinkler industry. We are State License 

and Insure Corporation with one goal in mind; to provide the best service possible to our customers. 

When you have serious projects that needs to be done, look  no further and give us a call. We will design,

install and complete your project accordingly to (AHJ) Authority Having  Jurisdiction and NFPA Standards

codes. We will commit to your project and make it our own.  

Franks Fire Protection is a company determine to make a difference in the industry and provide customer(s) with the best quality in installation, service, maintenance, inspection and best of all prices. 

                                     "We are the Solution To Your Fire Sprinkler Needs"

      Perform domestic backflow annual testing 


​​Fire Sprinkler Services: 

"the solution to your fire sprinkler needs''

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Franks Fire is a company dedicated to the maintenance of the fire sprinkler industry. 

We provide maintenance to shopping centers, warehouses, hospitals, nursing homes, apartment buildings and many other facilities. 

We believe maintenance is a key element in keeping fire sprinkler systems working properly. 


Franks Fire Protection, provides a full range of installation on many different types of systems in the industry. We are proud to perform installtion in: 

  • Water sprinkler systems

  • Pre-action systems

  • Water spray systems

  • Foam-water spray systems

  • And much more.....

           Perform annual fire pump testing

Sprinkler systems: Commercial, Residential, Educational & Hospitality

Fire Pump: Installation, Service & Inspection

Standpipe: Installation, Service  & Inspection

Fire & Domestic Backflow: Installation, Service & Annual Inspection

New Installation & Renovation of existing sprinkler systems

Emergency Service Call: 24/7 

Free Estimates for all our Services

 Heads relocations

     New fire pump installation

Annual fire sprinkler inspection