Franks Fire Protection, Inc. is a company dedicated to be different from any other company in the industry. We provide a range of service(s) in the market: Maintenance, Service, Inspection and design.  

We are certify to layout, fabricate, install, inspect, alter, repair and service different types of fire sprinkler systems. Franks Fire has the ability to provide service in sprinkler tanks, air lines, thermal systems used in connection with sprinklers, tanks and pumps.

We make a difference in the fire sprinkler industry by providing one (1) free emergency service per property; we have other ways to save money to our customers and guarantee  their satisfaction.



We perform inspection on fire sprinkler systems as per NFPA 25 Standards and local authorities. 

We follow NFPA  25 Standards steps in performing inspections. 

We inspect, test, and certify all fire sprinkler devices. 

Franks Fire provide all customers with a well detail inspection report as well as servcie proposal for repairs within 24 hours after completing inspection. 

We are a team full of experience in different areas of the industry. 

We design our projects with well experience designer(s) as well as a state license engineer. 

All our design are seal by a register engineer, and we are confident in our work and experience. 


Franks Fire Protection, Inc. provide a variety of services to our customers . We install all types of fire sprinkelr systems according to NFPA Standards and local authorities. We have over 20 years of experience in the installation of underground piping, fire backflow, fire hydrants, standpipe and more...


New construction

We are happy to be part of new development all across South Florida.. Our company has experience staff members dedicated to the installation of new fire sprinkler systems from the ground  up. 

we perform the following  services

We service (repair) fire pumps, fire lines, fire backflow preventers, fire hydrants, underground piping. 

We take pride in servicing all fire sprinkler systems and components.

Franks Fire Protection guarantees customer satisfaction in every project performed.  


our mission statement

Our mission statement is simple; we are a company making a difference in the fire sprinkler industry. As we approach our customers and show our quality maintenance, service, installation and inspection, we create a new long lasting relationship with them. 

Franks Fire Protection has made a long lasting relationship with many people with fire sprinkler needs. We are very confident in our prices and ways of saving money to all our customers. We believe "Customer is always right" and we do our very best to make that statement true in every aspect of the meaning. 

               Franks Fire Protection is "The Solution to your Fire Sprinkler Needs"


Construction Management

Our crew members are NICET certify and have many years of experience in fire sprinkler installation.

Franks Fire is a company with great employees dedicated to perform at their best and provide quality installation in the industry.   

"the solution to your fire sprinkler needs''

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Types of fire sprinkler inspections:                                                                             Fire Pump: 

1) Quarterly            3) Annual                                                                    1) Annual Inspection

2) Semi annual       4) 5 Years                                                                   2) Maintenance-Service-and-repair

Fire and domestic backflow preventer:                                                                Fire Hydrant

1) Annual inspection and testing                                                                1) Annual testing

2) Service and repair                                                                                  2) Service and repair


Fire sprinkler systems:                                                                                                                 Standpipe                                                                                          

1) Wet system                                                                                            1) Annual inspection

2) Pre-action system                                                                                  2) Installation

3) Single interlock system                                                                          3) Service

4) Double interlock system                                                                         4) Repair

5) Dry system

6) Water spray system

7)  Foam-water spray system

8) Perform installation, service and repair in fire sprinkler system inside cooling tower